Sunday, January 29, 2012

Non Stop Weekend

There were practices, pictures, games, ice skating, movies and meets.  No chance for sleeping in or cleaning the house.  No chance to get any work done.  I am sleepy and cranky.  The kids are home from school tomorrow which will mean I get less work done - argh.

I will work until 11:00 and then get up when my husband leaves for work and start work early.

I also need to get back into exercising again.  I have lung issues that flair up in winter so I do a lot less.  I have a half marathon in 4 months so it is time to get moving.  I hope this will help me with my energy level and crankiness as well.

I reread my last post and thought it made me sound like a 'serve my man' kind of wife.  In all honesty I really enjoy taking care of my family - but I am in no way the type to be subservient to my husband.  We are a team.  I have good and bad points and so does he.  We generally still like each other and enjoy our time together.  He has always been very generous to my needs.

I see other blogs and chat groups where intimacy is a big problem in marriage and I just decided to take action that I thought would make life better - and it is working!!!  Will it solve all our problems - probably not - but it will make us stronger in facing them together.


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  1. I didn't read it at all as you being subservient to your huband. It did sound like you have way to much on your plate and need to delegatge. You may be doing that already of course. If not, get the rest of the brood involved. It may not work well with hubby's work schedule, but the kids are old enough to meet a lot of their own needs. If you over-serve them you will become resentful and feel abused and unappreciated. That would totally defeat greater intimacy within your familial relationships and possibly your husband too.

    You need to get back to the excerise. It is crucial to your health and perceived sense of well-being, not to mention the marathon. Your body needs to get those endorphins flowing again. I hope your respiratory problems are better this winter. God bless.