Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So I never realized how many things in life prevent intimacy.  Last night I had a client with an issue and I ended up working until 1:30 - so I missed going to bed with my husband and provided another roadblock to intimacy.  This is going to happen as I am in a field where I have clients and co-workers working in different time zones there is no set work day for me.

With my resolution I am becoming aware how intimacy can take a back burner in a marriage as life (sleep, work, kids) can prevent the much needed connection needed between a husband and wife.

I am amazed at all I have learned just 4 days into this.  I am more sure than ever that effort is needed here - I can't let my marriage and relationship take a back seat.  Now I do have to support my clients - so there will still be nights where I need to stay up and will miss the opportunity to snuggle up and go to bed with my husband - but I am so aware now - which can only be a good thing.

Awareness is good - and my eyes are definitely open to all the distractions!  Tonight will be distraction free - kids are in bed, I am not going to work (even though I should), I am enjoying a glass of wine and my favorite TV show (Top Chef).  I will head to bed with my husband tonight - distraction free!

I am also excited that I have had some visits to my blog!


  1. Isn't it interesting how the awareness thing works when you have a focus instead of just living life a day at a time. It's like when your SO is in the hospital. You don't realize that it isn't just the things they do, but their availability, just being there, that we so easily take for granted.


    1. Very true - and I am sort of glad you were late to the party as I get to go back and revisit where this journey started.