Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am so not a guy

Not sure if it is my Catholic upbringing or just society in general - but I just find it so hard to initiate sex.  Fear of rejection maybe - although this is so funny.  I cannot think of any reason my husband would ever turn me down - the idea of it is pretty hilarious.  I will continue to work on it - and it is funny how I feel like he should just know.  How did it become the norm that it was up to the guy to decide when.  I guess it is probably just something we came up with due to the silly notion that guys want sex more.  I think that I want it as much as my husband but I let things get in the way.  Now that I am determined to keep my eye on the prize and not let things get in the way I find myself thinking about sex all the time - it is so funny.

We had a great day yesterday - wrestling matches for my little guys, beautiful weather and a party with good friends.  I just assumed we would end the day with some great sex - but we both fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live while we waited for our older kids to get home.

However, with the little guys having a sleep over, we were able to connect in the morning after a great nights sleep, which was perfect.  Again I was hoping we would but waited for him to take action.  So silly - especially since it really would take zero effort to just stop waiting for him to take the lead.  I guess it takes more than just deciding I should start taking action - I actually have to learn to become comfortable with it - to teach myself that this is a good thing that my husband will appreciate.

It's 10:00 today - I hope to be reporting tomorrow that I initiated sex tonight.  Stay tuned.

Oh and good job Broncos.  My husband is from Colorado and has raised his kids to be Bronco fans - we had a great time watching the game today.  That was fun football!!


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  1. I of course would agree. Why is it so difficult for most wives to initiate. I understand the potential blow to self-esteem if refused, but I think most women who would voice that reason would also be complaining that "I just can't seem to satisfy him. He's always wanting sex." And this is the guy they are worried will refuse their advances. It is true that there are times that we men are capable of having a "headache" too. Stress, health, work issues and other things can dampen even our legendary overarching libido. But I can honestly say if I awoke with my most precious part encased in a hand or mouth I would be both pleased and willing. And how hard is that to do. Not meaning to dis you, just saying it that way as a point of fact. It involves no hinting, asking, foreplay or wondering if he is in the mood. I guess I am offering and easy way to begin initiating that doesn't involve reading his mood, and if that's what he awakes to it is doubtful his mind will wander to something that will override his arousal. I hear you though. I don't get it either. It'll be interesting to see how this play out later in the blog. Can't wait to see if you both had the want-to that evening.