Friday, January 6, 2012

National Snuggle Day

I heard on the radio that today was national snuggle day - seems like a fine excuse to cozy up to the one you love!

It is exciting to see that I am getting some hits to my blog - I welcome any feedback that you have.  I also encourage those that are out there to give this a shot.  I am discovering so much about my relationship and interaction with my husband.  I just know that this reflection is going to pay off in a major way.

I am also just amazed as I search and stumble upon other sites how many people struggle with intimacy in their relationships.  I think we give up somewhat in that area once we are in a committed relationship - which is so backwards.

On a side note - it is a family night out tonight - my daughter's acting debut!  Should be fun.


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  1. I'm really surprised at the lack of comments to this point. Hope to see more as I continue through the archives. You are so right about the number of people struggling with intimacay issues in their marriage. Like I said in the Dec 3 comment, this has becme an area of extensive research for me. I am considering be a lay counselor within a church environment. I make no bones about my attitude either. Marriages neeed more and better sex more often. I know it sounds so typicall male, but the point is, if that is happening within a marriage, there will be so many other things that will be going well, i.e. non sexual touch and intimacy. More about that some other time. As I read further, I may suggest some resources I have come across if I feel they would be appropriate.