Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hi there

So I fell off the face of the blog earth for a while.  I just didn't have the pull that I had when this was my little secret blog.

I did miss the updates, the updates from others and the interaction - but the longer I was away the odder it felt to come back.

Life is good - work is kicking my ass.  Just celebrated 10 years since last chemo and still healthy.  Still love my husband - still saying yes!

Kids are good.  Son is going to graduate college in 3 years - with a 3.9.  Daughter is finishing up her senior year in style and having a great lacrosse season.  Little boys keep me moving and continue to grow so I won't be able to call them the little boys much longer.

I'm glad you all were still checking on me.  I will try to post once a week and I promise that post from my husband with his reaction - even if I have to bribe him with sexual favors!