Friday, September 28, 2012

I think I need a boyfriend

So, I have decided that I need a boyfriend, and my husband is the perfect candidate for this.  Thinking back at how it is so much fun to date and get to know a new boyfriend or girlfriend and how we are always on our best behavior.  I want to bring some of that best behavior back.  So starting today I am going to have a husband that is also my boyfriend.  Don't get me wrong - I don't want to give up what I have in a husband I just want to combine the best of both - and I think if I think of it that way it can only make me a better partner.  If I am a better partner then WE build a better relationship.

I got a text from him earlier today "Appetizers and hot sex tonight....with me?"  - so looks like I have a date with my boyfriend tonight!  Wish me luck.

*** Disclaimer - one area that I will not be able to go into girlfriend mode all the time with is the never let him see me a mess thing that we girlfriends like to do for our boyfriends.  I have too many kids, work responsibilities, errands to be in makeup and dressed nice every day.  There are days I never even get out of my pjs.  I will try to never be stinky - but can't promise the rest.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little frustrated

So - I was away for the weekend, college visits with my daughter.  She got a really big scholarship offer from one school, but is a bit worried about being 3.5 hours from home.  If this school was 2 hours from home I feel like she would have said yes on the spot.  We talked about how the train was right there, her aunt was 30 minutes away and that I would come up to see her play as often as I could.  This is the biggest decision of her life so far - really her first adult decision.

I came home for a few hours then I headed back out for softball.  Got home at 10:30 and my husband is asleep...

I was really hoping for some sex, I am a bit frustrated.  I know he is tired and we have all been fighting colds, but geez this is getting ridiculous.

I'm not going to wake him up - I was sick last week and I know how much I needed sleep.  I am going to get into bed naked and if he should happen to wake up and find me that way I won't complain if he decides to get naked himself.

Wish me luck

Update - I am less frustrated this morning!


Friday, September 21, 2012

A few glasses of wine...

a very good red - shared in a messy kitchen with my brother and sister-in-law while our kids run around.

It is an early morning for me driving my daughter to an overnight college visit.  BUT I think I will go see if my husband is interested in taking advantage of the buzz I got going.

Happy trails everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A very slow week

We have been very busy in all areas of life this past week except the bedroom - no action going on in here.  Too may activities including working late 4 nights last week for my husband, this never happens as he works in a school - EXCEPT for the back to school season.  He had to stay and meet parents etc.  One thing to be thankful for is that mother nature decided to make her monthly visit this week - so at least it won't be two weeks of little bedroom activity.

Looking to get back on track just in time for a weekend of college visits for my daughter - I am taking her this time and Dad is staying home with the boys.

I am looking forward to a good busy sex filled week starting on Sunday!  Sounds like a good plan to me.

A small shout out to my favorite baseball team making a run for the playoffs.  I am a long suffering Orioles fan - born and raised in Baltimore they have always been my team.  They are making it fun to be a fan this year - I hope they can hold on!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My next blog

So I am now just 3 months away from the end of my year of never saying no.  I already know that this is something that I will continue.  Saying no just isn't an option for me anymore.  I have learned that my husband usually knows when I need rest and 98% of the time I don't want to say no.  For the other 2% putting my husband's desire first is the right thing to do.  I feel great to have pleased him and he always remembers to say thank you.  So it is now a lifetime of never saying no.

I think never saying no works for me because I am in a loving, trusting partnership.  I am not the only one making sacrifices or putting my partners desires above my own.  This is a two way street.  We work in different ways to make sacrifices for each other.  I think it can work in any relationship that has a good foundation - but you need that foundation.

My husband is a lucky guy (and yes I do remind him of that!)  Although it is not all wonderful - I am a bitch too - gotta keep that balance.

As I thought about sharing the blog with him at the end of the year I thought about how we can continue on and I have a GREAT idea.  I don't want to share until I talk to him about it - so you have to stay tuned for resolution 2013!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 100th Post

I don't know how many of you have been following along - but this is post 100.  It will be a short one as it is 4:28 am.  One of my clients is having issues running their payrolls - and it is for one of the largest cities in the US so I am working.  Keep your fingers crossed because we are waiting for confirmation that they are back up and going!

So last night my husband pulled out the box of toys.  Totally on his own he wanted to play.  I had a feeling it wouldn't take that long and I was right.  I like to be right.

And now for the guilt part.  I went to a funeral this morning, a friend's mom passed.   During the services my mind wandered (more than once) to the fun my husband and I had last night.  Then I was brought back to reality thinking about the fact that I was in church and at a funeral.  Sick I know - BUT - I hope everyone at my funeral is thinking about good sex they had - that will make me happy!  And my mind wandered during the readings and not during the eulogy - which makes me feel like I'm not that bad.  I've never been particularly good at paying attention in church but this might be the first time my mind has wandered in that direction.

Can't believe this is post 100.  I really have enjoyed this - I am posting less - not sure why the pull hasn't been there.  I think I have just been too tired.  I hope to get back into posting more often!


Monday, September 3, 2012

The test drive

Some pretty exciting stuff going on here for me.  First - I transitioned 100% to the new position at work, which means I am back to having only 1 job.  I actually slept about 8 hours each day this week!  Second the kids are back at school tomorrow - that means that I will be alone in my home/office from at least 8:30 until 4:30 everyday!  Looking forward to peace and quiet and to throwing a few workouts in during the day.

In other news I have been pretty forward in the bedroom this week.  I brought one of the new sex toys to bed with me the other day.  I was a little disappointed in it - but I was not disappointed in the reaction I got from my husband.  So that was a big step for me.  That was a few days ago - I haven't tried to bring it out again since - I am curious to see if my husband does.  I also not only initiated sex last night - although I kind of cheated since I knew sex was going to happen anyway - but I kicked it into high gear.  To score extra points here I took control and threw a new position into the mix.  I think my husband liked it and I will say there was a little bit of a workout involved on my part - some muscles that were screaming at me towards the end.

All in all I am calling this a successful weekend!