Monday, January 30, 2012

More positive change

Just a quick update about another positive change.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I hoped that nights without sex would still involve some form of intimacy.  I am happy to report that on Friday and Sunday we were both really tired by the time we got to bed - so instead of sex we just cuddled up next to each other.  Then on Saturday and Monday morning we were able to wake up together and have sex.

Let the work day begin.



  1. your an awesome wife!! to not only see that things need to change and execute a gameplan to make the changes but also to be so open and see the other myriads of dynamics and forces at work and the relationship of each component to your life and marriage is beyond awesome.

    1. Thanks! I can assure you that in some aspects I am indeed awesome and then there are others that need a lot of work - but I appreciate the encouragement.

  2. Did you count this right? Here you said you had sex twice and the count went from 14 to 15?