Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Checkpoint - after 3 months...

So we are now 3 months into 2012 and "I will never say no in 2012" is going strong.

For the specific number we are at 52%.  I expect that number to go down this month as I am away for a few days next week.

For the other parts of my hypothesis:

>> We will be more affectionate in our daily lives - True
>> My husband will be in a much better mood all the time - better mood most of the time
>> We will sleep better - True (but we aren't getting enough sleep)
>> We will lose weight - Nope
>> We will be healthier - not sure how to measure this
>> We will have more energy - NOOOO

There are also things that weren't part of my hypothesis that I have learned.  My cycle is directly tied to my drive  If my husband and I are aware of this we can take advantage of the high times and work harder in the low times.  This month has shown me making more of an effort to take the lead and direct some of the activity, this is also a big hit.

Goals for this month - track the high and low as a team (with my husband) so we can both understand better. Make some adjustments to our schedule so that we are getting the extra sleep we both need.


  1. is 52% the number of days you had sex since jan 1? btw, sex burns an average of 75 calories per 15 minutes. if you had sex 46 times at 15 minutes each, you would burn enough calories to cancel out 11 panera bagels. or the equivalent of 1 pound of stored fat. sex alone won't help people lose weight but it is a much more fun way to try than jogging.

    1. We have had sex on 52% of the days in 2012. And while I didn't think that in itself would help us lose weight I did think that it would impact things in our lives that would lead to weight loss - if that makes any sense.

  2. If you are looking to have more energy, try some exercise. I know it seems counter intuitive, but I've been walking daily since the new year and not only has it helped me lose weight and get more endurance (which I put to good use in the bedroom...) but I was surprised that it also made me feel MORE energetic. As an added bonus, I sleep much better most nights.

    In terms of measuring better health? How do you feel? This isn't the kind of thing you can use a scale to gauge, so go with how your body is feeling.

    Also, although three months is an awesome achievement, it really isn't so long that you will be seeing all the benefits. It took months for me to fully feel the improvement when I quit smoking. In fact it was about six months before I could really breath better because I spent months hacking up my lungs from years of abuse.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. I agree with you 100% on the exercise thing - just need to make the effort to block out some time for it. I have a 1/2 marathon in 32 days so I really need to get things going. Don't plan on running the whole way - but still need to get my body better prepared.