Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today I celebrate a special anniversary...

9 years ago today I had my final chemo treatment.  At that point I was cancer free but due to the size of the tumors and the fact that my cancer was stage 3 I followed the chemo with 24 radiation treatments.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma in October 2002.  At the time I was a 33 year old mother of 3, including an infant son.  I actually found a small lump at the base of my neck in September 1999 but was advised by an oncologist that it was nothing to worry about.  So instead of removing it - it grew and spread.  My pregnancy probably saved my life, the more pregnant I got the bigger the lump on my neck got.  All the hormones that are active during pregnancy can really kick start cancer that is lurking in the body.

So today I celebrate the fact that I am still cancer free and I ask that if you are putting off any cancer screenings or appointments with your doctor that you schedule it today.  Not everyone can rock the bald look as well as I did.

For those that are in a battle with cancer - I pray that you are lucky like I was.  Doctors told me they could cure me but I would never run a marathon.  I have since done 2 full and 3 half marathons.  Doctors told me I would never have another child.  1 year and 10 days after my last radiation treatment I welcomed a healthy son into the world.  Always have hope.


  1. Congratulations on proving that you are lucky and no one can define your limits. You definitely prove that you can do anything you set your mind to. Which is evident by not only your anniversary but also the success of your actions here on your blog. Way to be an inspiration to the audience!

  2. That is so awesome! My FIL is about to start radiation, so we are hopeful to have an outcome like yours. Thanks for sharing some inspiration.

  3. I am always simply in awe of people who go through what you went through, to echo what Gertie said - truly an inspiration.

    I had a friend who died almost ten years ago now. He was 25 and it hit me very hard at the time and I still think about him a lot.

    He battled lymphoma for 5 years; so I have seen first hand the battle that it is.

    I hope you celebrate in style, you deserve it!

  4. wow, you are a very interesting person and i am glad you share such intimate details of your life. i think this post is something anyone who is concerened about cancer should read:

  5. This is a special anniversary indeed--congratulations! :D

    I'm delighted to hear that you won your battle and your children have a wonderful loving mother to cherish! You are very strong woman, Mrs Yes, and I do so enjoy your blog so much that this news has made my day. Thank you for sharing such a happy thought!


  6. Thanks all! It was a very normal day - which is the best way to celebrate. All that is normal was almost taken away 9 years ago. I watched my little guys win a baseball game, my daughter won her lacrosse game and then we all went home to watch our Caps win game 7 in OT! Now I am going to wake up my snoring husband for some action to cap a nice normal day.

  7. Oh yeah. I'd have hit that.

    That's supposed to be a compliment and encouraging.