Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm a lucky girl!

So I can tell you that my husband makes me crazy on a regular basis.  Why - because he doesn't do things my way (just being honest), forgets things on a regular basis and gets lost.  The other side of this is that I realize that I am not easy to live with.

This morning I sit here happy, content and thinking about how lucky I am to have him.

The good:

He has great hobbies that expose my children to all kinds of things they wouldn't get from me.  We have chickens, bees, bunnies and dogs.  He coaches baseball, football and wrestling.  He teaches them archery and how to shot a gun.

He is goofy and funny.  You never know what to expect from him.  I have seen him walk right up to a friend (male or female) in the middle of a conversation and plant a kiss on them and walk away.  His friends don't blink an eye - it is just him.  He is know far and wide for his big sloppy kisses and bear hugs.

He puts up with me, my nagging, my moods and my hobbies, sports, friends and charity work that takes me away from the family.

He is the driving factor in keeping us connected and making sure we are intimate.  He keeps it exciting and is totally unselfish.  As you all know I am taking steps to be more active in this area, but I expect he will continue to take the lead on this.  As I initiate more - he steps up his game as well - so there is no way I can catch him. I am okay with this - especially knowing how my body works these days.

So today on just 5 hours sleep, I enjoy the beautiful weather and am thankful for the wonderful man I share my life with.  As I move through month 4 of this resolution I am going to try to be more tolerant when he makes me crazy and remind myself to not sweat the small stuff.