Saturday, April 28, 2012

About last night...

So it was a pretty busy day yesterday and we didn't crawl into bed until after midnight - which for us is fairly late on a night we stayed in.  Lights out and my husband was rubbing my back which felt really nice - but was putting me right to sleep.  As I drifted in and out I warned him.  I said "That feels really great and I love it - but it is putting me to sleep and I am pretty sure that isn't the ending you are looking for."  Guess what, he didn't stop.  He told me not to worry about it and to relax - which I did.

Now I would like to believe that this is because he absolutely without a doubt knows that he can get whatever he wants whenever he wants.  In the past if I gave the 'I'm falling asleep warning' he would immediately get down to business.  So I am calling it another step in a great direction.

As he continued to rub my back I did let him know that if I fell asleep he was welcome to wake me up.  I am pleased to report that he did wake me up, but I will say that last night he made sure it was all about me.  I finally went to sleep feeling very lucky to be married to him.

Then his chickens started freaking out at about 6:15 this morning.  We've lost 5 to foxes this month - and although they were safely in the chicken house - the fox must have been snooping around.  So I wasn't feeling so lucky to be married to my crazy chicken keeping husband this morning.  We did share a little laugh at listening to the 4 letter words being uttered by my lovely 17 year old daughter as she climbed out of bed went out back and calmed the chickens down.  Felt like payback for the countless times we had been rudely awakened by her when she was a baby.



  1. this post made me tear up. i miss having a good woman to appreciate. you are doing so well. keep it up!

  2. This post answers some of the questions I commented on 12/23. I know it sounds odd, but it took a lot of desire for your companionship and courage of not being rejected to wake you up. Sounds like things are changing for the better. Had to laugh about your daughter.