Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another important discovery

During my 'down' time I am more likely to be interested in sex in the morning.  That makes sense to me as I am usually pretty tired by the time I get the kids in bed and get my work done.

Now that I am aware of this lower drive I am noticing that this hormonal change impacts much more than just my sex drive.  It creeps ever so slightly into the rest of my life.  I am a little more cranky and a little less patient.  Basically it sucks.

I have added in more exercise to try to balance things a bit.  I am also trying to get more sleep.  Hopefully I can do some things to counteract this dismal trend.

In other news - basketball officially ended this week, and baseball started yesterday.  It is the first year since he was 5 that my oldest isn't playing.  He is however coaching a team with one of his former coaches and he bought an Orioles partial season ticket plan.  He is finding that some parts of growing up stink but being able to coach and spend hard earned money on things you love is pretty cool.


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  1. Have you checked your nutrition? You might be iron deficient. If you don't already take a woman's multi, you might consider it.