Monday, April 23, 2012

A blah month

So here it is the 23rd and my high drive is missing in action.  Some other factor has screwed it up.  That has me wondering what happens after 'the change'.  I will need to do some research here, I am after all not that far away from needing to be ready for that.

Dreary day here - rain for the last 2 days.  Start of a new week...time to get moving.


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  1. The change can actually be very freeing from a psychological standpoint. NO worry about pregnancy so no pills or condoms. No worry about an inopportune monthly visit spoiling things and no cramps or PMS. Sex anytime and anyplace as circumstance allows. On the other side of it, it can be hell until you get there and it can be a long journey. Find a very good female gyno who has been there and done it. Nothing like firsthand knowledge when you present with your problems. It's always reassuring to hear, "It worked for me."