Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wine makes me ovulate

Well doesn't that sound classier than saying wine makes me horny?

Research so far this year shows that my drive is at an all time high about a week after my lovely time of the month.  During this time my husband doesn't really need to work to get me in the mood - I'm pretty much up for anything at anytime.  He should know that in this period of time he going to be getting lots of action with minimal effort.  I have learned from very smart male readers that is because I am ovulating! During this time I really need no encouragement and there is no thought of sleep first.

This high drive seems to last about a week to 10 days - then it takes a huge dip.  This is when I appear to be in my 'sleep is better than sex' mode.  Now let me clarify - and I think women will understand this.  It doesn't mean that I prefer sleep to sex - it just means that given the choice with my head on the pillow I am picking sleep.  When I ignore my desire to sleep I always enjoy the sex - it just takes a little more to get me to want sex.  It is the classic "I always enjoy it once we are doing it".

Then I realized last night that wine seems to have the same effect on me as ovulation.  I can tell my husband that one step in the right direction during the low drive time of the month is to pour me a glass of wine.


  1. Nothing wrong with a glass of wine to get things going.

    It probably helps that you know your high and low times of the month - makes things easier I would assume.

  2. Although alcohol is a depressant and supposed to be bad for sex,especially in excess, my wife seems to like a glass or two of wine first too.

    1. I am not a heavy drinker - but with a glass or two of wine, or a few beers I am always ready to roll.