Friday, March 16, 2012

The other 'time' of the month

So last month around the 17th I was borderline obsessed with sex.  Thinking about it and anticipating it pretty much all the time.  The drive was at an all time high.  Then it subsided.

It's back! - March 16th.

So I am guessing it is hormonal - seems to kick in about a week after my other time of the month.  I would guess that my sex drive has always been higher at that time, but now that I am analyzing everything about my sex life I am noticing just how much higher it is.

Last night was a really good night for me - and for my husband.  We were both totally exhausted, I could feel myself falling asleep, and my husband was rubbing my back and falling asleep himself.  I could hear him softly snoring.  I wanted sex, but sleep felt so good.  Fortunately my husband's sex drive won out over his exhaustion.  I guess if he figured he was going to make this effort he was going to make it worth our while.

This was not exhausted get it over with sex.  This was intense, we have all night, don't have to get up early, no kids to worry about sex.  Unfortunately we did have to get up in the morning - but it was worth it.



  1. Hi there,
    I came across your blog via Red Pill Room and MMSL. Nice to read about this topic from the other point of view.

    I have to comment on this blog. In my opinion you just proved that a healthy sex life starts with the female knowing her body and the biology behind it. How can a couple have great sex when the woman doesn't know about her own cycle, when she ovulates and what it means in her life and to her surroundings.
    Women always expect men to know it all for them, but they really have no clue about themselves. Therefore how can a woman have a fulfilling sex life and attitude to life in general if she doesn't understand herself???

    I just had another red pill moment.

    Keep it up, I can't wait to learn more!

    1. You are so right there. My wife thinks I am obsessed with sex because I have been reading so much about it and marriage relationships lately. I even read stuff written for women so I can better understand them...well, try to anyway. I probably know more about womens' biology, physiology, anatomy and sexual functioning than 90% of them do. Know my body intimately, EEEWWW! How can you have a fantastically fulfilled sex-life if you don't know your own body, let alone mine. It would seem one could make a reasonable argument for proposing that a lack of willingness to be interested and familiar with sexuality is what is beyond normal. I want to ask her after she exclaims it, "How do you THINK I got to be so good at this? Locker room talk? I have been studying, paying attention, and taking notes my entire sex-life." How about you?

  2. Glad you found me - and I also enjoy reading things via Red Pill Room and MMSL - can't say I always agree with them but the insight from the other side is a great way to balance things.

    I can say this exploration and examination of my behaviors and how I impact intimacy and sex in my marriage has been great and eye opening. I'm kicking myself for not doing this earlier.

  3. Replies
    1. Too bad I only do that once a month! I'm sure my husband would be thrilled to get that high drive to last a little longer.