Saturday, March 3, 2012

Check Point

As March begins I am happy to report that the initial resolution is going strong.  I have been paying attention to things and am happy to report that not only have I kept the resolution, I am at the point were I don't want to refuse any advances.  That is big - because it means that I'm not just having sex with my husband because I said I would never say no.  I am at a point where I crave the intimacy and look forward to it every day.

Now that doesn't mean that there aren't times when I really crave sleep.  The resolution is a reminder that as much as I need sleep, I can and should do both.  AND there are times where my husband recognizes my need for sleep and will instead catch me the next morning when I am fully rested.  Even though he doesn't know about my resolution he has been along for the ride and is definitely adjusting to the new norm in our sex life.  The whenever you want it attitude seems to have him more in tune to my needs as well as his.

So statistically over the first 2 months - we have had sex on 52% of the days.  In February I noticed a slow down in my drive, that is not to say I didn't have any drive, It just wasn't the all consuming drive that I was feeling a few weeks ago.

I have also struggled on 3 occasions with being annoyed or angry with my husband to the point that I really had no desire and it would have been difficult to keep the resolution.  Here is how I am handling that.  I am using the 'never go to bed angry' policy.  I can't withhold sex to punish him because he made me angry - even if I am right.  Building this stronger relationship has to happen in and out of bed and we have to be able to fight and make up constructively.

We went wine tasting with friends last night - and enjoyed some good conversation with our oldest when we got home.  It was a great night that ended with me falling asleep.  I am well rested and looking forward to catching up with him at some point today.


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