Friday, March 23, 2012

This makes me smile

We have had a very busy few days.  My husband has decided to try his hand at beekeeping and set up the hives over the last few days.  The first day was hysterical, I had the video rolling to catch him introducing the 2500 bees to the hives and managed to catch that as well as two of our chickens fighting over a snake they both wanted to eat and my husband dropping his pants as a few of his bees decided they would rather take up residence in his pants instead of the new hive.

We have also had his wrestling banquet, a few basketball practices and 2 lacrosse games for my daughter.  We have been dividing our time between events for our kids and didn't get a chance to see each other yesterday until about 8:30 last night.

I walked out to help him unload his car and he said "I'm exhausted" and then he smiled and said "I'm taking the night off".   I'm thinking in the 25 years we have been together he has never warned me that there would be no sex.  I am fine with that - especially considering the marathon session of the night before - which involved too many positions to count - including a brand new one.

I also know that had I pressed him, snuggled up or took charge he would have responded.  I am thrilled that he recognized that unless he specifically tells me that he needs sleep I will initiate on my own.

So we have reached a new level here - and I'm very happy about it.

On the other hand this morning after a solid 8 plus hours of sleep I was still exhausted - and so was he.  Seems that the night off didn't really to help.  



  1. wow, bees, chickens and a wife with a strong libido. i am so jealous. i want your marriage when i grow up. oh ya, i am 38 and been married 12 years. it is a work in progress but still having fun.

    regarding the sleep thing. maybe you needed more than 8 hours to recoup from everything. when the body talks, we must listen.

  2. We had our first taste of honey today - just 48 hours into the process. Amazing! The chickens we have had for 2 years now. Not sure what he will think of next!