Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And the drive takes a dip

So last month it was on about the 24th that I noticed that my sex drive took a dip.  It has happened again.  It is like my mind wants one thing and my body wants another.  My brain wants to be the best wife to my husband - which includes things in and out of the bedroom.  My body just isn't responding the way I want it to.

I found myself working last night at 11:00 - I saw my husband falling asleep.  I was breaking the rule I set for myself and I had to ask if I was doing it on purpose.  I knew that my husband wanted sex but I just wasn't into it.  I was able to rally, but I feel like I wasn't a full participant as the analysis continued during the act.

So I need to just share with my husband what I have discovered and let him know that there are definite times of the month where he may have to work a little harder to get me in the mood.  I will meet him more than half way there - but I think I need to share so that he never misinterprets this lower drive time as a rejection of him.



  1. Agreed. I usually err on the side of communication--though that can sometimes backfire, too, I don't think it will in this case. :)

    Sounds like a conversation that might easily be started with, "So, the last couple of months I've been noticing..."

    Good luck! :)

  2. Very good call. Might not be a bad time to practice your "all about him" skills during this fallow period.

    Curious, is your husband aware of your menstrual cycle? Not just that it exists, but does he pay attention to it?

    1. Had to let you know that I had to look up the word fallow...

  3. We're all in agreement. Good call, and when it happens again, you have only to say, "Remember when we talked about my monthly drive dip.....?" and the stage is set for him to compassionately consider how to best serve your needs, even if it means all concerned delaying service at the moment.