Thursday, March 15, 2012

Count us 1/2 way in

So as I learned yesterday from a reader of this blog - yesterday was 'National Steak and Blow Job Day'.  We had pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner - so we missed the mark on that one.  We did however complete the bj part of the day.

I informed my husband of the holiday at around 7:30 and he then had to patiently wait until 11:30.  As for my research - I did suffer some sort of reaction - I toughed it out as long as I could, apologized and then finished up.  I told my husband that for him we might need to rename the day 'National Sucky Blow Job Day'.  He will take what he can get and there was no complaining last night.

As for his diet - over the past 24 hours.  Turkey, Pork, Eggs, Coffee, Black Olives.  Pain went away almost instantly, and wasn't as intense as it was in the past.



  1. Good show! Y'know, I don't think he'd probably mind a "do-over" if you're game. Just as there's "no such thing as a bad blowjob", there's also no such thing as too much practice. And nothing builds a wife's street cred with hubby like spontaneous surprise oral. Seriously, it's like winning the lotto.

  2. LOL - I wondered what your reaction was going to be ;-) Went over well! Good job...

    FWIW, it was chicken and missionary for us last night.

    Love your blog - keep it up..

    And I'll disagree with Ian, bad blowjobs DO exist... or should I say 'less than satisfactory'...

  3. funny story. my wife wrote down a shopping list at home. she forgot it and asked me to send it to her phone. i sent the list of food items and at the end i added blowjobs as one of the items. she ended up going to 2 stores and her text response to me was "blowjobs were out of stock". really???

    1. At least the grocer didn't tell her he was out now but to come back later tonight.