Monday, March 19, 2012

The wonderful world of blogging

I get to say whatever I want - I can be as open as I want.  I reach out to and get to interact with people from all over the world.  People I never would have met encourage me.

I really love it!!!

Hope you all had a good St. Patty's day weekend.  My husbands wrestling season ended with his team being awarded the regional championship trophy.  We enjoyed some great Irish food with friends on Saturday evening.  Sunday I was playing basketball with my boys in the driveway in my flip flops - and tore all the skin off the top of my big toe - that kind of sucks but overall life was good.

Unfortunately we we also learned that a good friend of ours died, he was only in his 40's.  He was a friend of ours during my husbands days in the Marines.  Moe was one of our first friends right after we got married - he will be very missed.  He lived life fully and would want us to continue doing the same.

As for my resolutions - things are going well.  Some oral for my husband - without any pain for me - but without his happy ending.  Still working on that.  I initiated - so another point for me.  I did have to put him off this morning to get an email out for work - but was able to oblige him less than an hour later so all is good there.  Drive is still high.


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  1. Believe it or not, the fact that you came through an hour later and didn't forget or put it off was a VERY big deal. If my wife demures and says later, whenever that may be, if she doesn't follow through I am both disappointed and upset. You broke a deal. We had an agreement verbally and you have reneged.

    I would propose another thought about you keeping your word and following through on you commitment. This may sound crazy at first, but consider the psychology behind it. This is why your words and actions are so important.: He was a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. No man left behind. The NCO creed begins the last sentence with this: I must give the very best I have for my Marines, my Corps and my Country. His life is about duty, honor, service and sacrifice. That creed and his belief in it will spill over into all he is and does, including his marriage. You are his buddy who has his back and he has yours. Give that thought some consideration, and if you ever feel like your buddy is slipping, remind him he is a Marine and of his creed. Remind him he is one of the few and you expect his best. God bless the two of you, your family and your marriage. Tell him I thank him for his service.