Monday, March 26, 2012

What I want

So I took a big next step - part of the practice what I preach (from my Post) - I directed my husbands actions.  Told him what I needed him to do.  I have never done that before - and I think we both got a big payoff.  He was so excited to have learned something about me he was all ready for a repeat performance the next morning.  I had to decline that - it was morning - with a few kids running around.  A quickie was all we had time for.

I know the male readers don't understand how an adult woman that has been with her partner for as long as I have would still struggle with this.  I can only speak for myself and say that sex is something that I have had to figure out on my own and that as much as I want to come out with all my wants, needs and fantasies I still struggle here.  On the other side of that coin - I never refuse anything my husband wants to do or try - so I am not a prude, I am just still learning to make myself heard.  On a side note - more BJs for my husband - 3 in one week, still no happy ending - still having pain - but still practicing.

Unrelated side note - I am amazed at how quickly we are seeing our bees go to work!  This is the compartment that the queen bee arrived in - she moved out of it and into the hive in the first day.  This was removed less than 48 hours into the process.  Fun stuff!



  1. Sounds like you two are in a good place sexually. Way to go!

    I hope the BJs get better for you...

  2. In your Wed Mar 21 post I told you about my voicing a fantasy to my wife and her fulfilling it as I gave direction. I know perfectly well how you are feeling about getting what you want exactly the way you want it. We have been married over 25 years and this is the first time I have expressed an atypical desire. I am so glad I did. The next time will be easier, and the time after more so. You ask yourself, "What as I so afraid of; why did I wait for so long; and what else might s/he say, 'Yes!' to?!" Good for you. Good for both of you I'm sure.