Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why a two day dry spell is a good thing...

So two days of nothing - no touching, no kissing, no spooning, no sex and really no guilt.  Two weeks ago I would have thought this was a terrible thing.  Here is why today this is actually a really good thing.

I had a huge problem with one of my clients that had me working all night on Monday.  I crawled into bed at 4:30 am and was back up at 6:30.  Obviously that cut down on alone time with my husband.  Last night I was dead asleep by 10:00.  And my wonderful husband let me sleep like a baby.

So tonight, we can get back in our groove - no work - no zonked out wife!

Other good news - I am down 7 pounds - only 4 months until my 1/2 marathon >> if you are interested in helping us raise money or running check  or find us on facebook.  We are an official charity of the Pittsburgh marathon.  You can make a donation to support us at

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