Friday, February 24, 2012

Thanks Jersey Shore

I was really stressed out last night - so I poured a glass of wine, got a piece of chocolate cake and turned on some Jersey Shore.  Nothing like a group of drunk idiots to make you forget your troubles.  My husband watched with me and learned a new phrase 'DTF'.

I lived at the beach for 2 summers when I was 16 and 17.  A bunch of teenagers living alone at the beach - what a great time.  Compared to Jersey Shore however we looked like amateurs.

So back to 'DTF' - this is openly asked in the bar scene.  Guy walks up to girl and says "are you DTF" or even better is when girl walks up to guy and says "I'm DTF".  My husband is not a regular watcher and was clueless here so I had to explain that it meant "Down to F*!@"

So guess who got to use that phrase last night - that's right I went Jersey Shore last night.   I now have a new signal, something I can say that lets him know.  For some reason an acronym is much easier for me.  I also came a little further out - and asked him what he wanted.  I have never done that before - and can I say he was speechless, really didn't know what to do with it.

A few more things to leave with - I will think on these things and do posts about them at some point in the future.  First - I notice that although I am still thinking about sex a lot more than I used to it is not as prevalent as it was a few weeks ago.  I wonder if that is hormonal - related to my cycle.  Think I will need to keep track and explore that possibility.  Second - I have noticed that we are taking our time with things these days.  No jumping in and getting it done.  Last night he made a move to wrap things up and I put the brakes on and led us in a different direction for a while before we sealed the deal.


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  1. Great idea having a signal like that.

    Not always easy to read body language and it's not always easy for someone to say "I want to fuck, come get me." So a nice easy signal like DTF is playful, fun and to the point.