Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday is back on track day

We had such a busy weekend and my husband is fighting a cold - are you hearing my excuses!  No sex since Thursday - yikes!  That means that I need to make sure there is no work, children or sleep that gets in the way.  I have my mission and I choose to accept it.

These obstacles to intimacy have been good for me to gain perspective.  We are very busy - we are working really hard - and big surprise here - we aren't perfect.  There will be nights - sometimes consecutive nights where we can't connect.  While we can work to minimize these dry spells - they are going to happen and we can't panic.

Tonight we have church class, rec wrestling, middle school wrestling, and lacrosse conditioning.  Good news is that I am pretty caught up with work and won't need to throw that into the mix.

1 comment:

  1. Sweetie, I applaud what you're doing -- but don't underestimate the power of the spontaneous quickie.

    Seriously, if you realize that you have twenty minutes to kill (or can squeeze twenty minutes out of your day) for a spontaneous quickie, it's like getting triple bonus miles in dude language.

    Rules: If you run out of time, you run out of time -- stop, continue later. The frustration will be exquisite, but so will the fulfillment.

    If yo don't want to risk having a shower afterwards, you can just get him really worked up. Or if you don't mind a shower, slip into the shower with him for ten minutes.