Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well I fell asleep on Valentine's Day night.  So this morning when I heard my daughter leave for school I figured I would suggest that we make up for it this morning.  But my husband was not in bed - he was in the kitchen reading.  So I actually got up out of bed, went into the kitchen, took his book from him and said I'm sorry I fell asleep last night.

I didn't have to say any more - he was immediately interested and practically sprinted back to our room.

So this was really out of my comfort level - in fact it took me two trips into the kitchen to work up the nerve.  But I just sent him off to work with something to think about all day!

Time to get the others out of bed and ready for their day.

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  1. Hi Mrs. Yes...

    I love your resolution, what a great idea.

    And yes I would keep it from him, the only thing I would be cognizant of, after a year you may not want to say 'no' anymore period.

    I'm going to add your blog to my blog roll and I will keep coming back for updates. All the best.

  2. There are few men who will respond negatively to "hot sex right now if you come and get it" from their wives . . . but unfortunately there are a lot of wives who have a hard time "working up the nerve".

    Here's a hint: he's already seen you naked. The possibility for rejection is very low, save for scheduling issues. So the worst possible outcome is that you'll do it later.

    I know a lot of women get this Madonna/Whore complex when they get married, trying to indulge in their own lusty desires while still maintaining the idea that they are a wholesome wife and mother. But that's so 20th century thinking.

    The one great gift that porn has given us this decade is the concept of the MILF: the mature, sexually active wife and mother who is not ashamed of either her own desires or her passionate relationship with her husband/lover/basketball team (hey, I don't judge). The idea of MILFhood cuts that awful barrier between seductive, sexually aggressive single girl and the matronly, nearly-sexless figure of the Mother/Wife.

    MILFhood allows Mommies to be sexy, think sexy thoughts, and do so in a way that is socially acceptable and permitted. It means you can be a good PTA mom, sell girl scout cookies, volunteer at charity events . . . and still own an impressive vibrator collection and insist your husband take you to pound town a couple of times a week.

    In other words, there's nothing embarrassing or shameful about a healthy adult woman wanting a lusty and fulfilling sex life with her husband. Embrace your MILFhood, discard any body issues comparing yourself to perfect nymphettes, and go and get your cookies, Girl!

    Because both men and women use sex as a measure of fulfillment in a relationship . . . and a woman who is getting fulfilled good and hard at least three times a week is easy to spot. She's the blissfully happy one surrounded by a crowd of much less sexually-fulfilled women trying to convince her not to have quite so much fulfilling sex ("You'd look so good with short hair!", "Don't you think he's starting to take advantage of you?" and "Oh, sure, it's all good times now, but just wait until he sees some younger chick and forgets all about you!" are all faves) because it's making them feel bad.

    And her husband is the one who charges into work with a smile of contentment on his face, feeling ruggedly Alpha and satisfied.

    Good show!