Monday, February 27, 2012

Normal Life is Exhausting

Another busy weekend filled with regional wrestling meets for the little boys, two lacrosse games and a referee clinic for my daughter, and baseball tryouts for my husband and older son (they will be coaching).  We had a great family dinner last night - lots of laughs and fun.  This weekend marked an end to the wrestling and indoor lacrosse seasons.  We start with HS Lacrosse but have a little break before baseball teams are drafted and practice starts.

How busy were we?  My husband and I were asleep by 8:30 last night.  Today starts training for the Pittsburgh Half marathon.  I work from home so I hope I can actually find time in the day for training.  The last few marathons and half marathons I have gone into with virtually no training.

Hoping to fit in just a few miles today - as it is beautiful outside.  I think that getting into an exercise program again will increase my overall energy - which will overflow into the bedroom!

I am in my early 40s and am bigger than I have ever been.  I am not grossly overweight but my body is definitely changing.  My metabolism has changed and I am working to kick it up a bit.  I hope that I can get back in shape and tone some things up.  I am blessed with good genes so hopefully I can pull this off!

Looking forward to some fun today after that great nights rest last night!.



  1. keep this in mind during your fitness journey. body composition is 80% what you put in your mouth. good luck.

    1. I love food - so I am going with lots of water, smaller meals every 3 hours, smarter carbs along with the exercise. Hope it works - I've never struggled with weight - but my metabolism has really changed and I need try to get it back in check.

  2. "The last few marathons and half marathons I have gone into with virtually no training."

    You must be in reasonably good shape to pull that off. Marathon's are tough!

    1. I love to play sports, and I am not really running these things - it is more like just surviving them. If you have never done one it is really a huge mental challenge. Did the first one just because my radiation oncologist told me 'I can cure you but you will never run a marathon'. You ever want me to do something all you need to do is tell me I can't. Now I do them for charity with a group of others raising money and awareness for a deadly childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma.

  3. I wish I could run. Don't get me wrong, I HATE running. With an absolute passion. But at least it's passion. I hate it worse that my flat feet (thank you Uncle Sam!!!) and non-existent knees makes running an exercise in futility. Run a .5-1 mile, knee locks up. Stop for a bit. Run a bit more, then my lower back starts cramping. Stop for a bit. You get the idea.

    I do 12-14 miles each morning on the stationary bike. 35 minutes. So my pace is pretty good I'm guessing. Keeps my heart rate up at least.

    I tried 10 minutes on the elliptical this morning before my normal bike routine and my left knee feels like hamburger this morning.

    1. I actually hate to run while I am doing it - but feel great once I am done and it is efficient and cheap. Love to ride my bike, makes me feel like a kid again.

      I am starting to feel it in my knees - getting old really sucks!

  4. > I am starting to feel it in my knees - getting old really sucks!

    I hear you!

    For years, doctors have told me "Don't run, swim instead." Yeah right. It's hard enough to get in a 2 to 3 runs a week, and I don't want to swim instead. Don't much like it.

    What I've ended up doing is slowing my pace (sigh), and every other workout now is 6000 meters on a Concept 2 rowing machine (thanks Craigslist) instead of a 2.5 mile run. That's working for now, and my knees are happier.

    Love the blog!