Monday, July 2, 2012


I am on day 3 of my beach vacation.  We go every summer with my brother and his family and my sister.  This year my sister-in-law invited her sister and her family.  We have a full house of 7 adults, 3 teenagers, and 6 little ones.  The weather has been beautiful and it is so nice to get away.

We spend our days on the beach, our nights playing games and enjoying a few adult beverages - and sex is just expected.  I found out that a few years ago when we each had little ones sharing our rooms there were several of us that had at some point in the week escaped to the laundry room in the rented house for a little quickie.  This year we have plenty of bedrooms and everyone has enough privacy!

I have mentioned before that I LOVE to read - but only allow myself to read when on vacation because if I start a book I ignore everything else and just read.  So I am on vacation and my sister-in-law has provided me with some interesting reading.  Yes - the 50 Shades of Grey books.  I am almost done the first and it is certainly some interesting, thought provoking reading.

For the guys out there - the ones that aren't getting it as regularly as you want - if your wife has read these did you see a spike in her drive?

The books certainly make me want to have sex, even if I think this woman and the situations are a bit out there for me, although I will admit some of it seems like something I would try - the issue is that I am painfully shy about what I want even after being married almost 22 years.  May have to just tell my husband to read the books.



  1. My wife read the books and things improved dramatically. Other things changed around the same time. I'm sure that all were factors in the improvements in the bedroom, but the books were the the first thing.

    Sex comes much more often, greater variety and we've introduced some toys and tying-up that has NEVER been done before. It’s great! She has read the books twice and about 10 other books trying to find something comparable. She says none have been as good as the “50 Shades” set.

    I’m not complaining - utilize your resources. Ha Ha. I hope you enjoy them and they provide some spice for you and your man.

    Thanks for your writing. I haven’t shown your site to my wife yet - not sure how she’ll take the MMSL and MAP. Things are better than they’ve ever been in our 17 year marriage (also dated for 9 years).

  2. I don't subscribe to all aspects of MMSL and MAP but do find them interesting and look to them for the guys view. I do agree that women want a confident partner - I know I do, but I don't want anyone making the decisions as my captain, that is the part that I can't wrap my head around.

    I entered into my resolution simply because in the rare times that I refused my husband I felt guilty and thought what can it hurt to never say no (and what could it help by always saying yes).