Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Shades - where I am comfortable reading

So as I mentioned earlier my beach reading this year was the 50 Shades of Grey series.  I finished the first two and got well into the third.  I had no issues reading these books on the beach, I didn't try to hide them from anyone - and I noticed that they appeared to be the most popular books on the beach!  I did have one moment where my 4 year old niece walked up to me while I was reading, I was on one of the rather steamy pages (which if you have read the books you know that about 33% of the books' pages are steamy).  Anyway I shielded her from the book - all the while thinking I was being silly as she can't read.  These books just make me feel like the sex and dirty thoughts can jump off the page and get you (or your 4 year old niece).

We packed up early (4 am) on Saturday to head up the coast to New Jersey for a lacrosse tournament for my daughter.  This is when I noticed that I was embarrassed to be reading these books.  I didn't want any of the other team parents seeing the books.  I don't think I would have had any problem joining in a discussion with these parents about the books - but I didn't want to be seen actually reading them.

I usually sit farther away from the other spectators anyway, I sit down by the end line so I can video tape my daughter in goal - so I was able to sneak in some reading down there during warm ups.  I was cracking myself up the way I was so careful not to hold the book in a way that exposed the cover for all to see.



  1. women are amazing. i talkedhave to my wife about these books as she is also on the 3rd. if i was reading or watching something as "steamy" as you ladies say it is, i would have a tough time keeping my pants on. it obviously illustrates the difference between me and you two. maybe even the difference between men and women.

    i will say it has steamed things up in our bedroom and for that i am grateful. already have the next romantica series lined up for her. she admits it helps and despite the horrible writing she enjoys the reading.

  2. Ha! Love this! Mrs Yes, you have just succinctly summarized by anecdote *exactly* why ebook erotica sales are through the roof!

    And if you're looking for another steamy read (in ebook/.pdf format) might I recommend Cara McKenna's CURIO? It's about an almost-30-year-old virgin and a Parisian male prostitute... it doesn't go into the same realm of racy content as 50 SHADES OF GREY (read: no BDSM), but the characters are multidimensional and the story is well-written.

    A review of CURIO with links to where you can get the novella can be found here.

    Happy reading! :)

    1. Thanks - I will check it out! I had a nook at one point but it was stolen - I may have to invest in another so that I can read anywhere without worrying about it.

  3. Haha, are women all the same? I guess to a certain point they are.
    Mine was very horny when reading those books. Actually she did the audio books and listened to them on her way home from work. The quicky after coming in was a guarantee!