Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Honey's Honey Harvest

So after just a few month my husband did his first honey harvest.  Those little bees have created 50 pounds of honey so far, and there will be another harvest later in the summer.

In other news - we have been doing great lately.  Yesterday I came very close to breaking my resolution.  It was 8:30 am and I was already up and working on a presentation for work.  I got cold so I walked back into the bedroom to get some socks and my husband rolled over with his morning wood and asked for some action.  At first I did say "I can't, I have to get the slides done for my meeting", he rolled over to go back to sleep.  I think he was pleasantly surprised when I almost immediately relented, with no further pressure from him, and told him I had time for a quick one.


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