Friday, July 27, 2012

A nice get away

So on Thursday morning I packed up my boys and went to the beach with my friends.  Right now we have 4 mom's and 15 kids.  Kids range from 1 to 19 and we are having a blast.

It is so nice to get this chance to hang out with my girlfriends and to watch our kids bond and create memories.

To cap it off we are in a beautiful 10 bedroom beachfront house - for FREE!!!

I have a wonderful husband that doesn't mind giving me up for a week, we will actually end up being apart for 12 days because he is taking a trip with our little guys out to visit his family in Colorado.  I recognize how nice it is that he is making a sacrifice holding things down at home and surviving with out sex for close to two weeks.  He recognizes how much I enjoy the beach and hanging out with my friends.

I am a very lucky lady!  And thanks to this wonderful vacation I am very relaxed as well!


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  1. Sometimes it's good to miss your SO. When Mrs. I and I have friction over an extended period of time (and not the pleasant kind), then "I need to miss you more" is our code for "I could stand to not see you for three or four days, and remember all the wonderful things I have in you, before I get nasty."

    It's subtle, but it works. And the vacay never hurts.