Friday, June 29, 2012


I am smiling because my husband and I are back on track after some work and other life related  things kept getting in the way.  But I am also smiling because a year ago this sort of break from intimacy would have come with lots of little annoyances, crankiness and passive aggressive behaviors.

It had been more than a week, and it wasn't just lack of sex, it was lack of any time together at all.  And then there was the pure exhaustion on top of it.

Here is what has me smiling, I headed off to bed at 7:30, felt the youngest crawl into with me at some point - then the 10 year old.  I heard my husband pick them up and move them to their bed and the next thing I know it is 6:30 am.  He let me sleep, he could have and he really should have woken me up.  I know that he wanted to - but he took into account how much I have been working and how tired I was and he let me sleep.

Why?  He loves me and he is probably worried about my lack of sleep.  As much as he wants sex he would rather it be with a person that was playing along and not asleep.  He knows that this dry spell is not something that is going to become a habit.  He went to bed knowing that he would be able to roll over in the morning to a refreshed wife who would not deny him.

Those are at least the reasons that I am going to attribute to his thought process.  Those are the reasons that have me smiling.  They are all good reasons and they all make me really happy that I have made the decision to never reject his advances - because his advances aren't always about him.  Because he is not denied by me he considers ME before he makes advances.  That is what partnership is about.

We head off for the beach tomorrow - and I hope that we have lots of opportunities to make up for lost time!

By the way - baseball officially ended with a win for my son's team (the one my husband coaches) - they brought home the regional championship trophy!


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