Friday, July 13, 2012

Sex on the Brain

I like to look at how people come across my blog and noticed that my blog got a shout out on MMSL today that triggered some traffic.  Those that blog know the MMSL has lots of readers and always triggers a spike in hits.  

Anyway the comment was about how I had discovered never saying no actually led to a direct spike in my drive.  That was back in February (see  Aha Moment).  It got me thinking about how great that was - the anticipation and how much fun I was having.  That made me sad as I didn't feel that high anymore.

So I analyzed and here is my conclusion.  I have grown used to thinking about sex all the time.  I plan my day  to make sure I am available for sex.  I plan my nights and my mornings around the possibility for sex.  I look for any and all opportunities (these are hard to come by in a house filled with kids) for sex!

So I am pleased to report that I still have Sex on the Brain.  I am still happy about that.  I am a little disappointed that I have grown used to this feeling.  I am also amused by the amount of time I spend thinking about sex.

Here is something else - I am thinking about sex all the time as much for my husband as for me.  I want him to feel like the luckiest guy in the world, despite the fact that his wife gives the worlds worst BJ.



  1. the worlds worst BJ is still better than masturbation. just don't bite.

  2. I think you should Check out Prowling witg Kat's Blow Job Tips. Even if they're mediocre bc I doint there the worst at least you're gibing it that old college try! :)