Sunday, August 5, 2012

I miss my husband

I am back from the beach and my husband is off having a wonderful time in Colorado with the little boys and his family.  They are climbing mountains, fishing, hiking and hanging out with family.  It has been 11 days since I have seen my husband and I really miss him.

The time away has been really good.  I had some great time with friends, I relaxed in my own house, I cleaned without having anyone mess it up.  But now I am done, I am ready for my family to come back together.  That will happen in two days.

Here is what I miss (in no particular order):

  1. Eating as a family.  We still eat together as a family, many people don't these days.  In fact during the summer when school is out we have lunch and dinner as a family.
  2. Hugs.  This applies to my husband and the kids.  The little boys are my babies and they still seek me out first thing in the morning for a morning hug and they still want to be tucked in at night.
  3. My Partner.  I miss making the daily plan of what needs to be done and who is doing what.  This is part of the morning routine for me.  It can be done over the phone or by email if we don't find a chance to talk before work.
  4. Touch.  Not sex specifically just connecting with my husband.  We still hold hands if we are out together and tend to touch each other if we are sitting together.  It is odd that there is not a lot of kissing - but no shortage of touch.  Guess I have to work on the kissing.
  5. Talking.  Usually at night in bed, sometime before sex, sometimes after.  This is our alone uninterrupted time, no kids, no work, no distractions.  This is not always deep and intellectual - it is just talk, this is what keeps us connected.  It isn't the same on the phone, I think because if we are in bed unless we are actually sleeping we are touching, so this talking is actually talking and touching.
  6. Sex.  Of course I miss this - I am starting to anticipate the welcome home sex that will occur on Tuesday. 
  7. The farmhand.  This one is selfish - but I am tired of taking care of the chickens and the bunnies.  He loves doing that.  My oldest son has really been doing this but on nights he heads out with friends or his girlfriend I do it.  I wish I was an animal lover but I am not.  They are cute and interesting but I wasn't raised with them and I am not going to get down and roll around with them and I really don't like cleaning up after them.  I really wish I could connect with my pets like some people do - but I never have, it is sad - makes me feel like a bad person.  

With all I miss I am glad to have had this time away - feeling refreshed and ready to get back to normal life!

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