Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day

The kids and husband are off again today in celebration of Veterans Day.  My husband is a veteran, we met while he was in the Marine Corps.  I spent a little over 3 years as a military wife.  It is not an easy life and I respect all that serve and the sacrifices that they (and their families) make.

I don't remember Veterans day being a big deal when I was growing up - I'm not sure if I was just clueless or if it really has come back into fashion in the last 20 years due to the increased activity that our military has seen.

My husband served from 1984 to 1993, and basically for him between 84 and 90 there was really no danger of seeing any action.  He was deployed to the first Gulf War in 1991 and returned in 1992.  Things cooled off a bit and then after 9/11 our military has seen a lot of action.  I am not going to say that I agree with all of the decisions that have been made by our military leaders but I support our men and women on the ground.

At the same time I recognize that military action always results in death and injury.  That there are innocents killed, homes and lives destroyed on both sides of the conflict.  It is very sad.

In any case I am pleased to see that Veterans get the recognition and thanks they deserve.  For all of those that protest military actions - please take today to thank a veteran for the right to protest!  I love the irony in that.

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