Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flash back Monday

So as I mentioned in my last few posts the bedroom has been used mostly for sleeping the past few weeks.  I was out of town, then came that 'time of the month', then my husband was sick.  We were 3 for 14, which really sucks, but it happens.  Then there was Monday.  We were 3 for 3 on Monday - it was like we were 18 and 21 again.

See when I was 18 and my husband was 21 were were newly dating and living 400 miles apart.  We had no cell phones, no computers and he had no phone in his barracks room.  So we wrote letters via snail mail and saw each other about once a month.

When we did see each other there was a lot of sex.  Yesterday was like that.  There was sex in the morning, my husband woke me up before he went to work, which is good because I think I would have been cranky yesterday if I had to go another day.  Then last night we snuggled up and had some really good, intense, take your time and do it right sex.  The kind I have been craving.  Then guess what - we did it again.  The third time was actually the best, more intense, hot and with purpose!

For those of you that are old like me, and have been with the same person for 25 years, 3 times in one day is pretty good.  Especially when it is quality AND quantity.  When even after you are fully satisfied, you can be that aroused again by the same old person you have been with for what seems like forever.  To be able to get hot and bothered right on the heels of an awesome sexual experience and rally to take it to another level, that is something I will carry with me.

I slept like a champ and now I sit here and wonder if the after effects of our sessions yesterday has my husband thinking about me the way it has me thinking about him.



  1. Awesome...happy for your triple play:)

  2. Impressive! Good for you!

    One question though: what is the problem with sex during the time of the month? A lot can be done given a black bath sheet sized towel or two, a shower/bathtub and a washing machine... 8-)

    1. Without going into too much detail I will say that my time is short and outrageously heavy. In our early days we had options - lately it is out of control. I basically can't even leave the house. I know TMI!