Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Back!

So I was away for a while - I'm still crazy busy and it is almost 1:00 I figure it won't hurt to take a few more minutes to do a quick update before I head upstairs and hopefully wake my husband.   May was a slow month for us.  I really do think that work sucked all the desire out of me.  That is something I need to be better about - the balance of work and home.  That can be very hard when you work at home.  Unfortunately my job can be very demanding at times and for the last few weeks I have had to sacrifice sleep and other bed time activities for work.

I have always known that being tired prevents intimacy - I can see now that I lumped other things in with that.  Stress from work definitely prevents intimacy.  Being busy at work leads to a messy house as I don't have time to clean - a messy house stresses me out further which prevents intimacy.  I can't always get rid of the work stress - but I can communicate to my husband about the messy house and how that is impacting him.

Overall we are down % wise having sex on 46% of days in 2012.  I think that June will be much better as baseball, lacrosse and school are coming to an end.  We have vacation and lots of time to spend together.  I am also determined to get the focus back where it needs to be on my husband, myself and my marriage.

I had quite a busy weekend - traveled to West Virginia for the graduation of a good friend's son.  He graduated on Saturday and played in the state baseball championship on Sunday.  They won - it was very exciting.  My son was on the team last year and there is a small part of my heart that breaks for him that this comes 1 year too late for him.  He was so supportive of his former team and that makes me proud but I know that there is a part of him that is sad for what they missed out on last year.

My daughter ended her lacrosse season last week but yesterday was notified that she made 1st team all district and second team all region.  We are so proud of her.



  1. I have read elsewhere about the stress of a messy house inhibiting desire. Actually, it was even a little more specific than just the overall environment. It said women find it difficult to relax and become aroused for sex in a messy location. Most men are unaware of this about women. The article said to make sure the "bedroom" was visually uncluttered, had pleasing lighting and an appealing odor, was soundproof, had a locking door and an overall romantic atmosphere. That probably explains why vacation or getaway hotel sex is so satisfying. All the above are met with no kids or phone ringing as a bonus. Don't forget about not running out of hot water either.