Thursday, May 24, 2012


No time for anything.  I have been working my ass off - all kinds of hours and it feels like I am not getting anything done.

I have had no sex drive at all and am in a real rut here.  So although right now I have no real desire for sex I am  going to make sure I head to bed with my husband tonight.  I could go to sleep but I know that it is the stress that is making me feel less than sexy.  I know that I will enjoy sex once we get going - so I am going to ignore my lack of drive and go for it.

I'm glad that I have spent the last few months analyzing my sex life - it is because of what I have learned that I am going to set out to initiate sex.  I know it will do me and my husband some good, it will help lower my stress level and help me sleep.  6 months ago - I would just be headed to bed with no intention of having sex - so Go Me!

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, go you!

    I hope life settles down soon for you to reduce the stress.