Monday, May 14, 2012

More miss than hit

So my drive has been pretty high this month and unfortunately it is being wasted as assorted things are getting in the way.  Last night for example I was on call to support an important demo, my shift was to end at 10 pm but two issues came in and I was working until 4:30.  I was exhausted but even as I laid there I thought seriously about waking my husband up, in the end sleep won out.

What did I learn from this - that I wasted a good - no a great opportunity yesterday.  For Mother's day this year I asked that everyone in the house pitch in and really give the backyard a makeover.  Our back yard is wooded and we have a pool, patio, deck, chicken coup, trampoline, shed, three play structures, fire pit, garden and two rabbit hutches.  It can get very messy but after some hard work yesterday it looks gorgeous now.  All the kids helped in the morning but by about 3:30 my husband and I were left alone out there.  Our back yard is quite secluded so there is privacy.  I was in my suit as it was quite hot and while we were cleaning we would take little dips in the pool to cool off.  I was putting something under the picnic table when my husband came up behind me and made himself comfortable.  We had a little moment but didn't pursue anything else.  I think we both fully expected to get to business later after a great dinner with my brother's family.  Well looking back we should have taken the time right there.  It would have had to have been a quickie but how exciting to steal that moment, especially since I now know how the night ended.

So on my schedule is to catch him in the backyard sometime soon - preferably before the mosquitos take over!



  1. That sounds like a great idea, nothing like the outdoors to liven things up!