Wednesday, May 2, 2012

After 4 months

So we have had sex 49% of the days in 2012, our average is slightly down this month for two reasons, I was away for a few days and my drive just wasn't high.  Other things to note, sex on the whole has been way better, not that it was bad before but I have noted the following:  more positions, more oral (both ways - go me!) and lasting longer.  Our sex isn't rushed, we are taking our time.

Other notes, I think our relationship outside of bed has seen improvements.  These are subtle - we have been married for so long and are in a good strong happy marriage already - but my husband is more attentive and has been checking in with me more often.

Looking forward to May.  My goal is to initiate at least 10 times - yikes I better get moving.

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