Saturday, December 8, 2012

Promises Promises

It has been a really busy week as my clients are getting ready for year end processing.  I haven't had much time to post.

Life around here has been really good.  The house is decked out for Christmas, lots of homemade gifts under the tree from the little boys.  We have two trees, the traditional tree upstairs and the man tree downstairs.  The man tree is in our bar and it has a garland of shotgun shells and all of the ornaments are sports related down to the Broncos Santa style hat that tops it.

Weekends have been fun as our teams are having a great football year.  Our favorite college team is number 1. Notre Dame is in my blood, my parents met and married there.  So that is cool to watch.  Our Denver Broncos are on a roll as well, I'm a Bronco fan by marriage - my kids have been born and raised Bronco fans.

Sex has been really good as well.  This morning I was inspired to write this post as it has been something that  I have thought of posting before but when it happened again this morning I figured it was time.

My husband loves to tell me what he is going to do to me later.  He usually approaches me somewhere in the house, pulls me in and tells me exactly what he intends to do that night.  I don't think he realizes that I take that seriously and that when it doesn't happen I am disappointed because I have looked forward to it all day.  Usually we don't follow through because he falls asleep - and a lot of the time it isn't his fault, if something comes up at work I have to deal with it - and if he falls asleep waiting for me I don't wake him.  He would follow through if I woke him.

That happened yesterday - I got caught by a work emergency and didn't crawl into bed until 1.  This time I crawled into bed naked and snuggled up.  He woke right up and made good on his promise.  The next morning he left for work nothing out of the ordinary.  Last night after dinner he said to me "I wanted to fuck you before I went to work this morning but I didn't have enough time."  He went on to say that for some reason he felt like he wanted to have sex 3 times in a day because that used to be so normal and he felt like as he got older it might become less possible - he figured 1:00 am, 7:00 am and then tonight.  So I told him we could certainly set our sights on making that happen tomorrow.

Last night I was pretty tired but told him to wake me up when he came to bed.  I was asleep before he came to bed and if I hadn't woken up naked I would swear that what happened in the middle of the night was a dream.  I think I woke up at least partially once but when I think about it now it is more like a dream than something I participated in.  Now I didn't just lie back either - what I do remember is being on all fours which would require at least some effort on my part.  All is good as it was a good 'dream' so it must have also been a good experience and the best part is that I obviously went right back to sleep - no doubt with a smile on my face.

This morning at about 9:00 I heard my husband get up - brush his teeth and lock our door.  I figured this was round 2 of 3 I could expect today.  I was still in a sleepy state as he crawled back in bed and checked his email.  I figured he would wake me when he was done.  Next thing I heard was him unlocking the door, I must have fallen back asleep as it was 10:30 at this point.  I didn't open my eyes - I just said "you made a promise that you were going to fuck me in the morning - lock that door and get back over here".  So he did. I also took this opportunity to tell him that when he makes promises or threatens to do something to me 'later' I expect that he will follow through and when he doesn't I am disappointed.

So it is 2:19 now and I figure we will no doubt get 3 in, heck I know we are old but it is early and 4 is possible too.



  1. That is awesome Mrs. Yes!!! Best wishes for the rest of your day:)

  2. Sounds good! Way to be assertive.