Monday, September 3, 2012

The test drive

Some pretty exciting stuff going on here for me.  First - I transitioned 100% to the new position at work, which means I am back to having only 1 job.  I actually slept about 8 hours each day this week!  Second the kids are back at school tomorrow - that means that I will be alone in my home/office from at least 8:30 until 4:30 everyday!  Looking forward to peace and quiet and to throwing a few workouts in during the day.

In other news I have been pretty forward in the bedroom this week.  I brought one of the new sex toys to bed with me the other day.  I was a little disappointed in it - but I was not disappointed in the reaction I got from my husband.  So that was a big step for me.  That was a few days ago - I haven't tried to bring it out again since - I am curious to see if my husband does.  I also not only initiated sex last night - although I kind of cheated since I knew sex was going to happen anyway - but I kicked it into high gear.  To score extra points here I took control and threw a new position into the mix.  I think my husband liked it and I will say there was a little bit of a workout involved on my part - some muscles that were screaming at me towards the end.

All in all I am calling this a successful weekend!



  1. Those are a lot of positives! Sounds like a great weekend, and a great start to September.

  2. Don't you love it when the kiddos go back to school? Congrats on the transition and hope things are great! I'm back and rebranded as well, with a refocused blog I think you'll enjoy