Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My next blog

So I am now just 3 months away from the end of my year of never saying no.  I already know that this is something that I will continue.  Saying no just isn't an option for me anymore.  I have learned that my husband usually knows when I need rest and 98% of the time I don't want to say no.  For the other 2% putting my husband's desire first is the right thing to do.  I feel great to have pleased him and he always remembers to say thank you.  So it is now a lifetime of never saying no.

I think never saying no works for me because I am in a loving, trusting partnership.  I am not the only one making sacrifices or putting my partners desires above my own.  This is a two way street.  We work in different ways to make sacrifices for each other.  I think it can work in any relationship that has a good foundation - but you need that foundation.

My husband is a lucky guy (and yes I do remind him of that!)  Although it is not all wonderful - I am a bitch too - gotta keep that balance.

As I thought about sharing the blog with him at the end of the year I thought about how we can continue on and I have a GREAT idea.  I don't want to share until I talk to him about it - so you have to stay tuned for resolution 2013!



  1. Just wanted to say, thanks for your blog! You've inspired me to do the same for my husband, and I'm so glad to have made that choice. Can't wait to hear your idea. :)

  2. Almost a year later, and I glad to hear it was/is a resounding success for you.