Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little frustrated

So - I was away for the weekend, college visits with my daughter.  She got a really big scholarship offer from one school, but is a bit worried about being 3.5 hours from home.  If this school was 2 hours from home I feel like she would have said yes on the spot.  We talked about how the train was right there, her aunt was 30 minutes away and that I would come up to see her play as often as I could.  This is the biggest decision of her life so far - really her first adult decision.

I came home for a few hours then I headed back out for softball.  Got home at 10:30 and my husband is asleep...

I was really hoping for some sex, I am a bit frustrated.  I know he is tired and we have all been fighting colds, but geez this is getting ridiculous.

I'm not going to wake him up - I was sick last week and I know how much I needed sleep.  I am going to get into bed naked and if he should happen to wake up and find me that way I won't complain if he decides to get naked himself.

Wish me luck

Update - I am less frustrated this morning!



  1. Glad you got your "frustration" out of your system! A quick comment on your daughter - I moved 5 hours away for college. Even though I transferred back to our state school, it was one of the best decisions of my life and forced me to expand my horizons and made me who I am today. Hope it works out for your family!

    1. Yep transfer is always an option and we talked about that as well - she doesn't even have to give up a year of her eligibility if she transfers to a lower division school - so there are options. So hard to turn the decisions over to them and go from being the decision maker to just offering advice and being there to pick up the pieces.