Friday, September 28, 2012

I think I need a boyfriend

So, I have decided that I need a boyfriend, and my husband is the perfect candidate for this.  Thinking back at how it is so much fun to date and get to know a new boyfriend or girlfriend and how we are always on our best behavior.  I want to bring some of that best behavior back.  So starting today I am going to have a husband that is also my boyfriend.  Don't get me wrong - I don't want to give up what I have in a husband I just want to combine the best of both - and I think if I think of it that way it can only make me a better partner.  If I am a better partner then WE build a better relationship.

I got a text from him earlier today "Appetizers and hot sex tonight....with me?"  - so looks like I have a date with my boyfriend tonight!  Wish me luck.

*** Disclaimer - one area that I will not be able to go into girlfriend mode all the time with is the never let him see me a mess thing that we girlfriends like to do for our boyfriends.  I have too many kids, work responsibilities, errands to be in makeup and dressed nice every day.  There are days I never even get out of my pjs.  I will try to never be stinky - but can't promise the rest.



  1. I know you had expectations of benefits of this plan, better health and the like.

    The problem I had with leading from the front and by example, not in marriage but in general, was that instead of being moved to join in, other people took my effort as just something that I *needed* to give and they laid back and let me. Some of that might have been that I didn't mention my expectation to those people, rathermlike you haven't mentioned this plan of yours to your husband.

    You've mentioned that your husband is more attentive to your needs, but has he redoubled his efforts for you in reply?

    I follow this blog for your personal insights as well.

    I hope it will become a testament I can point to for my children's marriages.

  2. Interesting thought - I didn't share the boyfriend approach with my husband - but I think you have good points here. It is often the case that when you step up others let you instead of stepping up with you.

    I will give it some thought.

    1. You have been posting less often.

      I worry that my question has hurt your effort.

      Don't let it.

    2. Not at all - just a busy time of year for me - with less time for posting. I will try to post this week. Thanks for checking in!