Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Package has arrived

So - I got my sex toy order.  I haven't shared it with my husband yet.  It is ironic that as noted in my earlier post the box of fun will be introduced as part of a conversation about sex and the different attitudes, needs, etc in our relationship.  It is ironic because of the post I just read on Ponyboy's blog The Sex Talk .

This is a busy weekend with 2 football scrimmages, 2 field hockey games and an end of the summer pool party.  If we are not exhausted then maybe we can talk tonight.

Positive exciting notes for the week. My oldest started his last semester at the community college, he will be earning his associates in December, he has done great and finished 2 years worth of classes in 1 1/2 years with only one B.  My daughter began her senior year of HS and was this week offered a huge scholarship both athletic and academic to play lacrosse by 2 different schools (division I and division II).  She also was named captain of her field hockey team and MVP of a tournament game by the team she was playing against.

Have a great weekend!



  1. kids are doing great. you and hubby should be proud. congrats.

  2. Haha I hope it goes well for you too!

    Thanks for the link.