Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A very slow week

We have been very busy in all areas of life this past week except the bedroom - no action going on in here.  Too may activities including working late 4 nights last week for my husband, this never happens as he works in a school - EXCEPT for the back to school season.  He had to stay and meet parents etc.  One thing to be thankful for is that mother nature decided to make her monthly visit this week - so at least it won't be two weeks of little bedroom activity.

Looking to get back on track just in time for a weekend of college visits for my daughter - I am taking her this time and Dad is staying home with the boys.

I am looking forward to a good busy sex filled week starting on Sunday!  Sounds like a good plan to me.

A small shout out to my favorite baseball team making a run for the playoffs.  I am a long suffering Orioles fan - born and raised in Baltimore they have always been my team.  They are making it fun to be a fan this year - I hope they can hold on!!!

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