Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A little appreciation

I thought I would list some of the finer qualities of my better half - then I can come back and read it when some of his not so fine qualities make me crazy.

  • He loves me, now this isn't always easy.  I am bossy, I whine, I yell and I am very obnoxious.  But he loves me and I do appreciate that and realize how lucky I am to have that love.
  • He is great at his job.  He is a middle school guidance counselor and he makes a real effort to know the kids, he loves his job and that means that when he comes home there is no stress or baggage that makes its way to our home life.
  • He is a great dad, funny, playful, always available to coach whatever team the kids are on and not afraid to be a kid himself.
  • He is a very good cook, whatever mess he makes is usually worth it.
  • He takes care of all the assorted creatures dead or alive that wander into our house or yard.
  • He is really funny.
  • He still makes me feel like the hottest person on earth, he still chases me after 25 years.
  • He is unselfish in bed, this is key to a happy healthy relationship.
  • He is always willing to let me go for a girls weekend without complaint, he realizes that this time away is important for my sanity.
  • He trust me, even if I tell him that someone was hitting on me he will just laugh it off, he knows there is no danger there
  • He isn't afraid to stand up to anyone, if I asked him to confront a guy that hit on me he would, and I have seen him get out and defend others that are being bullied or are in trouble.
  • He still asks me out on dates.
  • He picks up side work when we need money without complaining about it.
  • He loves my family as if it was his own.  When my father was sick he was right there with the rest of us.  In the end my father needed 24 hour care, and couldn't do anything for himself, my husband did everything and anything to make sure my father had what he needed.
  • He lets me be me.

That is a pretty good list to start with.   One day when he totally annoys me I will come back and read this.

By the way - we had a good night last night, took things slowly which isn't our norm but is good to throw in every once and a while.

Go O's!



  1. Just a quick note to say that you two are inspiring!

  2. "He is unselfish in bed, this is key to a happy healthy relationship."

    i don't know how to interpret this. is it key for men to be unselfish in bed or both spouses?

    1. Being unselfish in bed goes both ways. It isn't all about either of you, although sometimes it is definitely okay to let your significant other be selfish and pamper them.

  3. What a wonderful list to think back on later.

  4. I think a good intimate relationship can go a long way to creating good things in other areas of your life. You are a very good example of this. I think it is great that you are sharing this with others and inspiring others as well.