Monday, March 9, 2015

Out of the Funk!!

We had two more snow days last week - but everything is melting and life is returning to normal.  We appear to be out of our sex slump and sunny days are ahead.  Seems that part of my funk may have been that my time of the month was sneaking up on me.  I don't track this in any way so I often miss the subtle signs until the not so subtle signs arrive.  Not that I want to take sole responsibility for the slump, but I do recognize my part in it.

So sex is back and so is the general touching and relating that had been missing outside of the bedroom as well.  When I look back at the latest funk or slump or whatever you want to call it I realize that it really takes no effort to break out.  Then my brain starts to really get into over analysis mode:

  • Do I cause the funk
  • Does he cause the funk
  • Is it a mutual funk
  • Is it just a natural low that is actually a good thing?

I get to the 'is this a good thing?' by pulling the good out of the situation (this is something that I came out of cancer with "finding the blessings even when life sucks")

  • Breaking the funk always means great sex
  • Being in the funk always makes me evaluate my roles and responsibilities in maintaining a healthy relationship and sex life
  • I am secure enough in my relationship to recognize sometimes we just annoy the hell out of each other and that is okay. It doesn't have to be wonderful all the time.
  • Even when it isn't wonderful it isn't terrible
  • My sex life even in a funk is miles ahead of other couples that have been together for 27 plus years.

What do I really think it is:

  • I think that sometimes we just get so busy with the other aspects of life that we don't take the time to put the energy in our relationship.  
Having said that I do realize how important it is to not let these slumps or funks go on for too long.  It is important to recognize when we are doing this and make sure that we do focus on us.  All the other aspects of our lives that require energy and attention will come and go, our relationship is a constant that we have to be careful not to neglect. 

In other news.  My 12 year old got his cast off and is back in action.  He took second in the regional recreational wrestling tournament over the weekend and was back on the mat for his middle school today and won his match by pin in the first period.   My daughter finally has her first lacrosse game tomorrow,  first four games were postponed due to snow.  It is supposed to rain all day but I am going to make the 3 hour trip to see them play and then take her out for a late birthday dinner.

Too late for spell check or any other proof reading so you will have to deal with my bad grammar and spelling!

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  1. Glad you are out of your funk:) I wish I knew how funks start and how we can make them shorter too! If you figure that out...let a girl know:) I love that you can see the positive in a funk...I will try seems hard to do while in the funk, but after...