Monday, October 29, 2012


No school today and likely no school tomorrow.  And we are the lucky ones - only heavy rain so far.  All my kids are safe and warm in the house.  Hopefully our biggest concern will be whether the direct tv loses signal.  I see a lot of complaining from folks about over reaction and it is just a little rain, I say just relax and do your best to get through what hopefully passes us by without incident.

For those of you on the coast and to the north - stay safe!

Had a great weekend, starting with getting to spend great time with a childhood friend and attending my 25th HS reunion.  I am from what used to be a very small town and most of the people I graduated with were also in my kindergarten class.  It is always good to catch up with those folks.  Then there are the few that I was very close with.  I lived at the local beach with a group of friends during the summers when I was 16 and 17.  I am not sure what my dad was thinking - a bunch of teenagers totally unsupervised - we had such a good time.  I got to spend the night with these guys and it was like I was 17 again.  These are the people that you don't need to maintain contact with - you can't just go right back to where you left off.  Hopefully we don't wait another 5 years to connect again.

I spent the night there and woke up bright and early to get home for my youngest son's football game at 9:00 am.  They won!!!  He played every down, got very dirty and I could see him actually skipping around out there between downs.  I knew he was having a really good time.   It was a very exciting overtime win and a great way to end his season.  

That afternoon I got to help my daughter get ready for the homecoming dance.  She looked absolutely beautiful and went with a group of 21 of her closest friends!  I was allowed to take the pictures and then they went out to dinner and the dance.  She spent the night out with some of the group that went to the dance.

My 10 year old also won his game - they ended the season with only 1 overtime loss.  In this game he made 3 tackles in the backfield on the last 3 plays of the game.  He was very excited. 

My husband worked his ass off this weekend.  He had the kids on Friday night while I was out with my HS friends.  He got my son to the game and stayed for the first half.  Then he had to leave to officiate 4 football games that my oldest usually works, the oldest was doing his official college visit.  He had a break that happened to be at the same time as the 10 year old's game so he got to watch that.  Then he went back to officiate 2 more games that night.  He basically worked from 10 until 10.

He was up and out the door by 8:00 on Sunday to officiate 4 more games.  Then when he got home he got up on the roof to make sure that the gutters were clean and ready for the rain that Frankenstorm would bring.

No complaints from him - except his knee is a little sore.  He just silently picked up the slack for me and my oldest this weekend so we could go have fun.  He was rewarded with sex on Sunday morning - with a little special treat thrown in, and more sex on Monday morning.  Although he may have been rewarded with that even if he hadn't been such a team player this weekend.



  1. Ooo your husband is a football ref. My nemesis! haha.

    I coached as a high school offensive coordinator for years before we had kids. I miss the game.

    1. He is a football junkie - he is the head coach at his school - undefeated, no one has scored against his team so far this year. He refs on the side when he can. As your boys get to the age and need a job it is a great part time job - pays way better than the local fast food place. How about those Broncos too - they seem to have hit their stride. I just wish they would let Manning call the plays.