Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

Just a stream of thoughts and highlights from my day:

Woke up to my oldeest getting ready for work - he and his new girlfriend have been splitting time between our house and hers, so when I got up to help him find something I found myself sneaking around in my underwear and tank top.  We are a family that walks around in underwear, I'm not sure she is ready for that!  Unlike any of the past girlfriends they seem to spend every minute possible together.  It is odd because they share some interest but have settled into a very comfortable give and take.  He goes with her to see her brother in the hospital (he is recovering from a very serious accident that has him in ICU with a brain injury - he is doing very well and will be released to rehab soon) and she sits with him while he watches sports non-stop, sleeping or reading - just being near him.  Odd to hear him call her sweetheart - but fun to watch the relationship grow, and proud of the way he treats her.  They are both finishing up at community college this December and are headed off to a 4 year school together in January.

Crawled back into bed and had a little morning conversation and good morning sex with my husband - he invited me to shower - but I really wasn't quite ready to officially start the day.  So I lounged in bed until the youngest woke up and came in with all his football equipment to force me into starting the day.

Got my youngest and my husband out the door for his football game, only to find that we had a chicken on the roof of the house.  Took some pictures and had some laughs with a few of the neighbors as we watched the clumsy bird fly down.  Headed off to watch the football game and although my husband is a coach we both agree that it is nice that we can just be happy to see our son out there at 8 years old enjoying himself.  Some of the other parents spend the entire time yelling when a hit isn't made or a ball is fumbled.    It is amazingly sad to watch these 8 and 9 year old kids go out there and try to play a very confusing very hard game only to turn around and see crazy football parents yelling at them.  He lost again - they have only won once - but he smiled, had a great time and at least at this point doesn't walk away feeling like a loser - that is what counts. Bonus is that my nephews are also on the team and we get to visit with them and their sisters as we watch.  I am so thankful that my kids have the opportunity to basically grow up with their cousins.  Seeing my kids love/hate/hug/play/fight with my brother's kids is something that makes me so happy.

Home for some lunch and homework - then the 10 year old is off to a birthday party.  He only gets to go because a great friend is willing to take 30 minutes out of her very busy Saturday to pick him up for me.  Her son isn't going to the party but she volunteered so my son could attend.

Now I am sitting in a Panera 90 minutes from home - having dropped off my daughter and 5 of her closest friends at an amusement park for a few hours of "Halloween Haunt".  I sit here and people watch and think about how lucky and blessed I am to have a great home, great friends, great kids, great marriage, great family, great health and pretty good finances.  Hard to top that.

Side note on finances.  With two off to 4 year colleges in the next year my husband and I stopped all use of credit cards a few month ago.  I had noticed less and less disposable income the last two months and just realized it is from the use of only real money and no credit.  So while it has been harder and we have been living more hand to mouth - I like that it is because we are only using 'real' money.  That said - it is time to look at our budget and see if we need to adjust our savings.  Right now we see only about 1/2 of my husbands earnings - the rest go into retirement funds.  In order to survive the next two years we will need to cut back on saving.

I think I might move that hot sex up a night and see what I can do to get some tonight when I get home.  It will be late - but a girl can hope.



  1. You are one of the bravest and most honest people I read on the internet.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! The internet can be very freeing.

  2. I hope you got some action!

  3. Just curious, how much are you and your husband helping with the kids' higher education? Had you established education accounts or are are they coming out of savings/discretionary income in today's dollars?

    1. Started to reply and got long winded - check out the post I did instead.